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Natural Language Processing: April 10-13, 2006 in Leuven (Belgium)

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Where does conference TALN take place ?

Faculteit letteren
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21
B-3000 Leuven

How to get to Leuven ?

Leuven is a small city. Most hotels are less than 15 mn walk from the conference location, which is in the heart of the older part of the city and less than 10mn walk from the train station. The easiest way to get to Leuven is by train.

By train

The TGV trains from Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Amsterdam, Cologne, London... get to « Bruxelles Midi » station (and some « Bruxelles Nord »). The Thalys TGV train links Paris « Gare du Nord » and Brussels in 1h25. From there, a fast train «IC » (Intercity) will get to Leuven in 25mn. Avoid the other trains ("IR", "L", "P") which are much slower. You will find the train timetable (and destinations) on the SNCB website "www.sncb.be".

Leuven train station is a 10mn walk from the conference location and less than 15mn from most hotels. There are fast and direct trains to Brussels, Antwerpen (Anvers), Gent (Gand), Brugge (Bruges), Liège...

Purchasing your tickets

Some TGV fares of the type « Toute gare belge » (to any belgian station) will prevent you from purchasing your ticket at a ticket desk in Brussels. When you buy a ticket in Brussels, ask for a ticket to "Leuven" or "Louvain" and check that you are not given a ticket to "Louvain-la-Neuve", a city located in Wallonia, 25 km away from Leuven. For Thalys, tickets can be ordered on the internet (www.sncb.be, www.thalys.com ...) from 2 months before departure. However, reduced fares usually run out fast.

By car

To get a detailed itinerary, check www.mappy.com

Take the motorway E19 in the direction of Brussels until the « ring» "R0", then follow the direction "Bruxelles Est / Waterloo". Further, follow the motorway "E40" in the direction of "Liège, Leuven", until the exit to the "E314", then the exit to Leuven. You will get on Leuven « ring road ». From there, it gets fairly complicated so we advise you to take a detailed itinerary with you (www.mappy.com). It is hard to park in Leuven and the car parks are not free.

By plane

The national airport is located in Zaventem, near Brussels. The specialised airlines are :
SN Brussels Airlines (http://www.flysn.be/)
Virgin-Express (http://www.virgin-express.be/)

From the airport, there is a direct train to Leuven; the journey takes 16mn. If you go to the Bruxelles Nord station or Zaventem city station, then it will take you at least 45mn.

Ryan Air flights land at Charleroi airport (Aéroport régional de Charleroi also named "Brussels South") from which you can take a bus to « Bruxelles Midi » (the journey takes 1 hour).

Last update :  February, 2006