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7th International Conference on the Statistical Analysis of Textual Data

 o Call for papers
 o Registration
 o Program Committee
 o Accommodation
 o Gallery
 o Final Program
 o Getting to JADT 2004
 o Equipment

 o Submission format (17.09.03)
 o Banquet (17.09.03)
 o Fellowships (15.10.03)
 o Latex stylesheet added (16.10.03)
 o Deadline extension to November 13th (29.10.03)
 o Call for posters (13.11.03)
 o Registration forms (15.12.03)
 o IBIS Grantees (07.01.04)
 o Free morning shuttle (13.01.04)
 o Temporary Program (V01) (22.01.04)
 o Maps (04.02.04)
 o Poster (infos) (09.02.04)
 o Updated Maps & travel info (03.03.04)

 o Restricted Access

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Les JADT 2004 sont organisées avec le soutien / JADT 2004 are supported by:

Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS)
Faculté de philosophie et lettres de l'UCL
Faculté de philosophie et lettres de l'ULg

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